13 Jan 2011

Although we’d seen pictures in the papers, we hadn’t seen much TV footage of the disastrous Queensland floods until last night. Those poor people. No doubt we’ll witness much of the catastrophe when we reach Queensland in the coming months. I hope families of those reading this are okay. Seems Victorian weather is also affected by the northern weather – it’s steamy and hot while I type this note from within Blue Heeler as she sits on a cradle at the RBYC. Given Blue Heeler hasn’t been out of the water for a couple of years the hull is in very good condition. Once sanded, zincs replaced plus a fresh coat of antifoul, Blue Heeler will look fantastic and we’ll be ready to go!

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2 Responses to 13 Jan 2011

  1. helen scott says:

    Hi there

    It s sounds like your having the nice time and that things are going well.
    Things here are much the same I did the night race with Kathy it s was quit an experience we sailed 72 nm around the bay from 7pm till about 12 noon.
    The wind was relentless at around 20 k the whole time it was a great race quite exiting but unfortunately I got quite sea sick and did not enjoy that much but still glad I went and now know that I should be a bit more prepared. (I have never been sick before).

    Travel well and stay in touch
    And have fun


    • Nice to hear from you Helen. Sounds like you had a challenging time – it’s always tricky at night not to feel disorientated… We’re going very well, as you’ve no doubt read on the blog. I’m looking forward to getting to Sydney Harbour and am busy looking for a suitable marina to berth for a few weeks. Take care and enjoy!


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