Busted windscreen

We made it to Blairgowrie last night – after a phone call to mum letting her know all was good, I went downstairs to put down the phone and returned to the cockpit when from immediately behind me I heard a smash – our dodger window exploded into small fragments of glass all over the cockpit and the saloon below, missing me by a couple of seconds. Not the whole dodger windows, just the one that opens outward. We had this exact same problem a couple of years ago where it also exploded for no apparent reason. We’re not sure why it exploded – the window is not in a rigid frame and is held on by a hinge.
While Wayne busied himself looking for a suitable area to anchor in Cameron’s Bight near Blairgowrie, I set to and swept up the tiny pieces down below. Once we were settled, we spent an hour or so sweeping, vacuming and tidying up, before a bite to eat then off to sleep. Up early but not so bright, we discovered our ‘head’ (aka dunny) wasn’t pumping as well as it should. Since we’d agreed to stay here to fix our window Wayne decided to jump overboard and see if he could free any blockage. There was certainly a blockage! We think that when the guys were water blasting our hull they also blasted up our through-hulls, resulting in barnacles dislodging, only to lodge higher up the pipe. So we spent the morning removing pipes, cleaning and generally having a really good time!
Before taking time out for lunch, Wayne replaced the shattered glass with a perspex replacement – he made a template in perspex when this happened a couple of years ago. Good job we had that!
Not a good start to the trip, however, I’m glad the window shattered here and not in some 40knot head on wind somewhere in the middle of Bass Strait!
At present it’s a pleasant afternoon in Blairgowrie and we’ll stay until tomorrow to leave through Port Philip Heads in the afternoon so we can have a lovely night sail across to Refuge Cove.

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