23 Feb 2011 – Sydney


We made our way to Sydney from Jervis Bay taking advantage of the 2m southerly swell and south-southeasterly winds up to 15 knots. As it was we managed to sail for about seven hours until the wind eased off, which meant we had to motor sail the remaining 12 hours to the heads.

My night watch between 11pm to 2am was very pleasant. From Wollongong to Sydney the western sky was illuminated as the waning gibbous moon, some 77% full, lit up the eastern sky. Meanwhile cumulus clouds spread out over the night sky allowed some stars to shine through. The night reminded me of the Dreamworks movie introduction and I fully expected a boy to be sitting on the edge of the moon dangling his line into the ocean below. A few dolphins swam along Blue Heeler some time after midnight much to my delight.

As sunrise slowly lit up the sky, we made our way towards the heads, rounding south head at around 0730. Marine Rescue called us as they have our tracking sheet and we thanked them for their assistance and logged off.

View of Sydney from Blue Heeler

We dropped anchor in Rose Bay by 0830 and met a fellow sailor by the name of Leo aboard Bliss. He’s down from Mackay to avoid the cyclone season and kindly shared with us some tips on where to anchor around Sydney. Rose Bay anchorage is very close to the Sydney sea planes – and I mean very close!  I expect they know what they’re doing.

With only a couple of hours sleep last night, I napped until midday so I could view the very impressive Queen Elizabeth passenger ship departing the harbour. Equally impressive, the Queen Mary 2 departed later in the evening surrounded by yachts and boats of all shapes and sizes.

We plan to be in the Sydney area for a few weeks to give the bikes and ourselves a good workout, but also take some time out to relax with a couple of wines and good books. Speaking of good books, Wayne has just finished the fascinating tale Sailing Alone around the World by Captain Joshua Slocum, and thoroughly recommends it to all adventurous sailors (thanks Brenton!).


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