19 Mar 2011 – $ydney

Manly Scenic Walk

Manly Scenic Walk

Walking is one of my favourite pastimes and yesterday I enjoyed a walk from Cammeray to the Spit Bridge then along the Manly Scenic Walk to Manly Wharf – probably 18kms or so. Considering the distance, all I have today is stiff butt muscles. That’s pretty good as I thought I’d have sore knees too!

While on land I thought I’d get some maintenance so today I went to the dentist to have a replacement filling on my starboard quarter incisor. After a brief visit and a three digit hit to my credit card, I took my nicely filled tooth for a bus-ride into the city. From there I took a train, then another bus to Stanmore where I bought Wayne a discounted (50%!) U-lock for his bike. After a brief visit to the Glebe Markets and Rozelle Markets (sorry to say both unremarkable), I returned to the city for a bite to eat then casually returned to Neutral Bay to grab something on the way home for dinner.

It’s rained all day today. There’s been few dry and warm days since arriving in Sydney; it’s generally humid and sticky which has dampened some of my plans (pardon the pun). I would have liked to have had the time to finish the woodwork on the companionway but the humidity may ruin the varnish. I’ll save that for another time.

Shattered windshield

Yet another unexplained shattered window!

I returned to the boat and hopped aboard and quickly noticed that the port side windshield had shattered. Groan!This is the third time we’ve had a windshield shatter. I can only imagine that “stress + sun + cold heavy rain = $$$$”. Lucky it didn’t explode like the last one, so I taped it over and gradually eased it out in one go. Looks like I’ll be negotiating with a glazier next week to get it fixed. Great!

On a brighter note I’ve ordered a new cruising chute – larger than the smaller one we currently have. We had another chute that came with the boat, but when hoisted for the first time in January this year we had to drop it quickly as it began to peel or delaminate. The fabric had some sort of laminate which had cracked and blistered all over the fabric and once strained began to peel. No-one I’ve spoken to seems to know what fabric may have been used and after contacting the manufacturers in the US, they also had no idea. It appeared to be little used although the manufacturer suggests the design may be quite old. The only option was to give it the last rites and hurl it. I kept the ATN sock though – it’s in good nick and we can use that on our newbie. I also purchased PC Planner software for the C-Map to allow us to plan routes on our PC then upload them onto the chart plotter. That will make it so much easier.

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