24 Mar 2011 – Out’n’about

View of Cammeray Marina

View of Cammeray Marina

The rain and humidity in Sydney has eased and I’m pleased to say the sun has been busy drying out the dampness of the past couple of days.

The rainy days stuck in the boat gave me a chance to research what type of material would be a suitable replacement for the windscreen to avoid any more unwelcome explosions. I also managed to get some sewing done too. I sent the windscreen away to be fixed and the panels replaced with 6mm polycarbonate which should do the trick. I spoke to another Hallberg Rassy owner in the next berth to me and although he’s never had windscreen troubles himself, he believes his was replaced in the past. My emails to HR earlier in the week have not triggered a reply…

I’m hoping the windscreen will be back together before Wayne returns next week so we can continue on our journey. He’s been working very hard offshore and will be more than pleased to return to the boat. It’s hard to believe I’ve been here over a month – I’m starting to get restless!

With the windscreen in a state of repair and a newly sewn outboard cover, I resumed my sightseeing today and caught the Watson’s Bay ferry to explore the very scenic South Head. Taking the ferry to Rose Bay, I then enjoyed walking along the numerous bays and checking out the marinas and anchorages until I reached Neutral Bay in the late afternoon. A bottle of wine and an episode of Desperate Housewives tonight will be a nice end to the day!

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