1 Apr 2011 – Back in motion

Back to normal this week. Wayne arrived ‘home’ very early Tuesday morning after a midnight-horror flight from Perth. While Wayne caught up on his well-deserved sleep, I spent the morning finalising some footage I took at my nephew’s 21st party held back in September. It was great to watch the evening again and I’m glad I finally made the effort to work on my movie-making.

Ally gives the new windshield the thumbs up!

With plenty of time on my hands over the past couple of weeks and with the convenience of a berth, the internet and the local bus, it was an ideal time to stock up on spare parts and other items. Online from Cassell Marine I bought a couple of spare impellors and tracked down some spare bearings for our raw-water pump. A day spent sewing produced an outboard cover and lifting strap so we can lift it easily without taking off the cover. New fitted sheets for the bunks and other items were also repaired. A couple of days spent with my back-pack resulted in cupboards bulging with food and goodies for the next part of our trip.

In between site-seeing and stocking up, I ordered a new cruising chute which arrived this week and I’m looking forward to hoisting it soon.

Yesterday we finally had our new windshield picked up and returned to the marina whereupon Wayne screwed it in place. The  6mm polycarbonate looks good and with care should last for years. For the record, I did receive a response from Hallberg Rassy regarding the exploding windscreen(s) and the response was that “for hot weather we recommend refitting the glass in the frames every three years; five years for colder weather”. They wouldn’t give me the dimensions of the glass panels as they are apparently “individually cut for each boat”, but they were happy to sell me panels directly. A German couple also with a Hallberg Rassy told us that while in Trinidad one drop of cold water landed on their windscreen and the panel also shattered. It’s nice to know that we won’t have any more shattering glass exploding into the cockpit.

We said goodbye to the pleasant Cammeray Marina and with our flag flying made our way along middle harbour through the Spit Bridge and on to Clontarf Marina where we filled up with fuel for $1.89 per litre. Service stations are selling diesel up to $1.50 per litre so I was expecting to pay a lot.

So where to next? We’re having a free night at the courtesy mooring at Athol Bay and as cold front will pass over tomorrow and given we haven’t yet sailed under the bridge, we’ll spend the weekend sailing around the harbour before leaving on Monday on our way to Pittwater.

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