Enjoying the highs and lows…

Sunrise at Manly harbour

It was always the plan to get to Queensland and sort out a few things aboard Blue Heeler and work to prop-up our sailing kitty before we continue further up north. As it turned out, Wayne’s got a gig in the Timor Sea while I’ve got a few weeks working in the Brisbane CBD. While here, it’s an ideal opportunity to stock up on spare parts and items that we’ve either run out of or never had to begin with. First was to get the watermaker working. I’m happy to say has new parts, new filters and is running like a dream. Although we don’t need to produce water while at a marina, the unit must be flushed every few days to keep it fresh.
Wynnum pierI also splurged and finally bought some dive gear – Wayne already has his. I’m looking forward to doing some great dives up north. Another thing on the to-do list was to replace our tired and patched dinghy. After attending the recent Sanctuary Cove boat show, we ordered a new rigid inflatable dinghy of the same length (2.6m). The new aluminium hull should last a little longer than the old PVC dinghy. So what did I do with the old dinghy you ask? Ebay…of course!

I’ve also been enjoying the lovely Queensland autumn weather (yes, it really has been lovely). My bike and I are getting regular workouts to the local shops, plus I’ve had many walks along the foreshore and beyond – mostly they are pleasurable and allow me to soak up the sunshine. However, the other day my walk to the train station was not so pleasurable.

While on my way to the train station for a trip into the city, I’d just walked up the steep hill from the marina when I saw a group of people huddled over something laid out on the road. I stared as I approached and saw it was a dog lying helpless in the middle of the road. The poor fella had been hit by a car and was in a very bad way. He had blood coming out of his mouth and struggled to breathe. One lady was on the phone to the council attempting to locate an owner or someone to come and help him. Cars were still flying past us on the road so I flagged them to slow down as the scene around me was made clear. I was so focused on the dog that I hadn’t seen the car further down the road which had apparently hit the dog then careened into a car on the opposite side of the road. The occupants were still in the car but apparently required no first aid as I was told they were just a little shaken up. Before too long, an ambulance came flying over the hill with sirens blaring followed by four tow-trucks all jostling to be chosen as the one to tow the car away. The red heeler dog remained still but continued to fight for breath. A fire truck’s deafening sirens violated the normally serene morning as it also appeared quickly over the hill. Myself and another lady comforted the stricken dog as he sadly took his last breath and slipped away. Even with four tow-trucks, an ambulance and fire-truck, there was no-one that could save the dog. A bystander placed the deceased animal on a cloth sheet and safely lifted him away from the middle of the road to the nature-strip to wait for the RSPCA. The dog had a council registration number on his collar so hopefully the owner would be found.

With the dog in kind hands and nothing more that I could do, I left the scene with a tear in my eye and continued my walk to the train station knowing that someone that day and for days after would weep over the loss of their best friend…

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