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WaterfallWorking in the CBD has given me an opportunity to have a good look around the city area and familiarise myself with the outer suburbs. Winter has certainly arrived – a top of 12 degrees the other day was the lowest high on record apparently. Generally though I’ve enjoyed fine sunny days while I’ve been here.

I’ve managed to catch up with my cousin and his wife while I’ve been here. Mark and Sue kindly had me over for dinner with some of their friends- Sue is a great cook – after spending all day cooking for her guests she served up a delicious hearty English meal – stilton and beef pie, chicken and leek pie, and sticky-date pudding!
Mark and Sue invited me out for a couple of drives over two weekends – south to the hinterland’s impressive Natural Bridge at the Springbrook National Park, then north up beyond the Glasshouse Mountains at Montville to the Kondalilla Falls National Park, stopping at one or two wineries along the way. Natural Bridge

At Springbrook Park, a small creek falls into a lovely waterfall that drops through a large basalt cave into the pond below. We walked the circuit path and marvelled at how the strangler figs interlaced their way around the gum trees up into the canopies above. After lunch we arrived at the marina and I invited them aboard Blue Heeler for a coffee. Sue is tiny and at less than 5 feet has no trouble walking upright around Blue Heeler!

On the Queen’s Birthday holiday we went on another drive to Montville and Mapleton, beyond the Glasshouse Mountains.
It’s lovely up that way – reminds me a bit of Tassie, but warmer. After the two hour drive we were rewarded by green rolling hills and beautiful views from the top of the range looking east towards the ocean.

Wayne is due home on Friday night. Haven’t seen him for almost a month. There’s an ash cloud over the lower portion of Australia due to the eruption of Chile’s Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano. Hopefully it won’t cause any disruption to his trip home. Although he’ll be leaving from Darwin to Brisbane, guys replacing him from Perth may be impacted, causing delays in Darwin. I’m sure it’ll be okay by then though.

I’m keen to get sailing again. We’ve been here much longer than expected, although now we have some more toys to play with and the sailing kitty is looking healthier! Our new dinghy won’t be ready until next week so unfortunately we will be here for a few more days yet. Blue Heeler will be on its way again before end of June though – I can’t wait!

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