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"Blue Heeler" berthed at Mooloolaba - boom tent keeping it nice and cool

Since arriving at Mooloolaba on Saturday 29th October, we’ve been busy fixing up a few things on Blue Heeler. Our first cruising season was intended to learn all about life aboard and figure out how things work, if they work, and fix them when they break! So we’ve had plenty to do. But we’ve also managed to catch up with fellow yachties that we met in FNQ. We had a coffee with David, Sue and Bruce who we met at Lizard Island, and caught up with Tremain and Sue from Kool Sidas they passed through Mooloolaba on their way south.

So where to start? Corrosion on our windows was growing and needed to be addressed before it got out of hand. Wayne worked on those to remove as much corrosion as possible then we used windscreen sealant to finish it off. Although they weren’t leaking, they look much better and will hopefully last a little longer. The LPG solenoid decided to pack in so a new one is on order. Some of our hardware broke on the trip including a sheave on the boom, a furling block and a couple of stop ends on the tracks need replacing so they’re on order too. Another problem was with our fridge. It was running too frequently and not keeping temperature much below 12 degrees. Upon recommendation we contacted Mark at Reliable Refrigeration in Mooloolaba who came by and regassed the fridge and added a new digital thermostat. It’s running much better now; so much so that our freezer is freezing meat! I’ve got a stack of stuff on order from Sailrite in the USA – canvas, grommets, etc – so I can make some covers for the dinghy, jerry cans and other bits and pieces around Blue Heeler while I’m here at Mooloolaba. You may recall we’ve had trouble with our wind generator for some time. Although it’s only a year old, it’s worked only intermittently and has been driving us nuts! For the second time this year Wayne climbed up the aft pole and carefully took the wind generator down to discover that one of the two brushes inside wasn’t contacting properly causing an open circuit; therefore shutting it down. A few tests later and another afternoon of Wayne hanging high from his harness, while I was upside down in the rear locker pulling wires, the wind generator is once again spinning and making power – yay! You may also recall an earlier blog re the battle of the large versus the skinny bed? We rectified the situation by fitting a base and adding a new mattress to the gap. Now we have a very comfy king size bed the full width of the aft cabin – much more comfortable!View from Blue Heeler

And now it’s back to business. Wayne has a job and will leave on Tuesday for a couple of weeks offshore. I’ve got a few things to finish while here in Mooloolaba, then when he returns we’ll head on down to Manly for a few months to ride out the cyclone season and pick up some work in Brisbane to top up the kitty. Wayne will probably pick up a couple more jobs before we both leave sometime in May to come back up this way. Still not sure if we’ll go to the Kimberley’s and down to Perth, or if we’ll do the Indonesian Rally. Plenty of time to think about that though.

Finally, to end off a couple of busy weeks, last night we enjoyed a dinner in Mooloolaba to celebrate our forthcoming 29th wedding anniversary. Time sure flies when you’re having fun!Mooloolaba Marina

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