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Happy New Year! Thought I’d better provide an update on what we’re up to as some think we’re still in Mooloolaba (I’ve been a bit slack with the blog, sorry!).

After an enjoyable stay in sunny Mooloolaba including Christmas aboard Blue Heeler, followed by Boxing Day with new friends David and Sue, we welcomed my sister Diana and Scotty aboard Blue Heeler for the New Year.

The Mooloolaba Harbour entrance has been deemed a coastal bar – this was obvious as large waves broke over the entrance during a recent king tide. There is a dredger there, but the king tide merely pushed all the sand back into the entrance causing dangerous breaking swells. This was great for the surfers and kayakers who would surf down the waves across the harbour entrance. I’d walk to the end of the breakwater each morning and watch boats trying to get in and out while surfers dodged around. It was bad enough that even the coast guard was swamped and a fishing boat hit the sand bar.

Luck was on our side so on 5th January after a night anchored in the duckpond, we motored our way out through the harbour entrance; fortunately no breaking waves; just a little swell to keep it interesting. Motoring for a couple of hours, we managed to get a nice sail on our way to Tangalooma. The weather was pleasantly sunny (we’d had a bit of rain before then) and we watch clouds of smoke rising from a large bushfire on Moreton Island. Tangalooma beach looked delightful and arriving by mid afternoon we jumped in the delightfully warm water for a swim. The bushfire didn’t cause us much trouble but dropped a bit of ash on deck. Anchored just south of the wrecks, we took the dinghy off and went for a spin. The new dinghy cover (made by yours truly) looks stunning! It took a bit of effort to make but I’m pleased with the result. I made it yellow so that it stands out from afar – that it does!

After a walk along the beach the following day, Wayne had Scotty and Di scrubbing the hull – a reminder to those who wish to sail with us!

Leaving Tangalooma behind, we were conscious that a southerly buster was due to arrive early evening. Packing up and ready for sail, we headed south west towards Manly Harbour (not many people realise there’s a Manly in Queensland). There are four marinas here with around 1000 boats. We decided to stay at the Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club as the berth is close to the village of Manly. The marina suits our needs and it takes me only 10 minutes to walk to the station.

On the way to Manly, Wayne noticed the Brighton vessel ‘Corazon’ on AIS, sailing just out of Manly. I called them on the VHF and after a quick chat, agreed to catch up for a drink once we arrived at Manly. It was so nice to see Jenny and John after all this time, as we usually missed each other up when we sailed up the coast.

We’re in Brisbane is to pick up some work and luckily for me, I had a call from an agency while I was at Tangalooma. They had a temp assignment for me starting the following Monday! Timing was perfect and as it’s turned out, the job (Executive Assistant to a Chief Marketing Officer) suits me perfectly. I have this gig until end March – also ideal. Wayne has his feelers out for some offshore work so until that comes through, he’ll potter around the boat fixing things and replacing things. We’ll use this time to get ready for a trip overseas. So far we’ve managed to get a good deal on a satphone (Iridium 9555) and Wayne has installed a larger inverter and improved the charging process by installing an AC selection switch (allows us to switch power from shore/generator/inverter). We’re pretty right to go really, but with only ten weeks until we leave it’ll go fast…

it’s been one year since we left Melbourne – doesn’t seem like it – hopefully I’ll get a chance to visit family and friends sometime this year. Won’t be by boat though!

Bye for now.

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