Leaving Bris-vegas

Three months since we landed in Bris-vegas! And what a busy three months. I was very lucky to get a job as exec assistant at one of Australia’s yummiest pizza franchises for the duration of my stay (fave pizza – Peri Peri Chicken). My final day was last Wednesday and I was treated to a night of tapas, wine and good company.Mmmm Peri Peri Chicken! I was fortunate to meet and work with some fantastic people who I hope to meet again one day (ideally somewhere other than an office!). Until then, I’ve kidnapped one of their mascots who must file a report to head office every now and then! Bahaha..Mascot

So with work behind me, I can start getting my mind into sailing mode again. As I sit at Moreton Island with a slight SW breeze and a nice hot cup of camomile tea, I’m planning our trip to Darwin aiming to arrive early July to join the Sail Indonesia rally departing for Kupang on July 28. At least that’s the plan at this stage. Anything can happen in the meantime.

Meanwhile, the boat is running well and the gadgets are up to date – Wayne even has AIS working on the iPads! His ability with gadgetry is amazing. I’m so glad I brought him with me!

Having only left Manly two days ago, we were pleased to catch up again with fellow yachties Sandy and Phil aboard Southern Wing, also anchored at Moreton Island. It’s great to swap stories and talk about…what else… sailing!

With only 12 weeks until we want to be in Darwin, we’ll follow similar routes we took last year on our way to Lizard Island, but hopefully sail into some of the places we didn’t get to visit last time. Happy Easter everybody…. Ally.
Happy Easter

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  1. Bernie says:

    Stay safe and have lots of fun and red wine xx


  2. Wassa says:

    Look after yourself Sal! You have the ‘good living’ under control 🙂 Xx


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