Bay of Bengal

Here we are in the Bay of Bengal with about 750 miles to go and our current position is 8deg 32.300’N, 092deg 15.945’E.

Wind blowing across the Andaman Sea was between 5-10 knots variable from NW, NE and SE. Needless to say that day one we sailed just shy of 100nm. Day two was little better, but even winged out, Blue Heeler prefers stronger winds.

By the morning of day three we’d reached the 210nm mark from the Surins and for about an hour had a large squall with 25 knots, giving us 7-8 knots of speed as we skirted the edges. Then back to wind less than 10 knots before tackling another large squall in the afternoon.

Morning of day four had us winged out with 15-20 knots on a direct bearing to Sri Lanka of 258deg. Nice! A more enjoyable sail for BH. We’d crossed the coral bank of the Nicobars at midnight and entered the Bay of Bengal with a small slice of moon brightly popping up around 2am. We haven’t seen one vessel or fishing flag since leaving Thai waters and we’re not picking up anyone on HF. But our Iridium satphone keeps us in contact. Grib files aren’t very accurate but we’re hoping the stronger NE winds will prevail. We’ve only used the engine to charge the batteries and make water, so even with light winds we’ve managed to keep moving. All is well aboard with plenty of curry and rice for the crew!

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