Passage to St Helena, Days 1&2

DAY 1 – 165nm
Seas: 1-2m
Wind: SE 15/25 up to 30knots

We left Luderitz at 8am on Thursday 19th February. Conditions good – 15-20knots from sou’east. The grib shows developing conditions over the next four days but our plan is to stay ahead of the increasing seas by maintaining around 6knots. As it turned out the Benguela Current increased our speed to 8-9 knots for the first 12 hours or so giving us a good run of 165nm for the first day. Each night we talk to other boats on SSB. There are seven other vessels out here that we know of, but there are miles between us. Wind up to 32knots overnight – triple reefed for a more comfortable ride. Heartbreaking news from friends aboard ‘Inish’. Tragically lost their mast including new sails on their way to Cape Town. All now at the bottom of the ocean but may be salvageable. Can’t think what would’ve happened if they were out here! Trying not to think of those things…

DAY 2- 155nm
Seas: 2/3m
Wind: SE 20/30knots
ETA: 28th February
Distance to go: 1010nm

Making good progress. Seas and wind up as expected but staying ahead of the worst of it. Sky is heavy with clouds but no rain yet. Blue Heeler’s sails trimmed between comfort and speed. Some waves loom over the stern like mountains, only to roll beneath. Some crash on top of us, our cockpit covers saving our dry bodies from a dousing. Conditions should improve by Monday/Tueday. Haven’t needed to run engine to make power. New solar panel pumping in the amps! News from La Luna that conditions 600nm ahead are warmer and much nicer. Crew both well, lucky we don’t get seasick. Two nights beef curry. Might make spaghetti tonight! Found and bought a packet of large aniseed gobstoppers in Luderitz…skipper is happy!

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