Passage to St Helena, Days 3-5

ETA: Saturday 28th February
Distance to go: 560nm
Position: 20*55S 002*34E
Crew: Settled and happily counting down the hours

DAY 3: 148nm, 21/2/15
Seas: 3m
Wind: SE 20/30knots
Cloudy but no rain. It’s getting discernibly warmer as we move closer to the equator.
Nights are dark. No moon to light the way, only the sound of waves and the flash of sparkle as they break around us. During the day the wind subsided a touch, but returned to 25/30knots in the evening

DAY 4: 134nm, 22/2/15
Seas: 2/3m
Wind: SE 15/25knots
Remnants of the passing low have all but disappeared. Gray clouds and pounding waves of the previous day replaced by sunshine and heavy swell, making for an enjoyable sail, although we didn’t sail as fast as previously. Grounded flying fish lay on the deck each morning with dry unseeing eyes. Now and again a massive wave will poop us washing the aft deck with foamy ocean. Despite a couple of minor diversions due to unfavourable wind angle and wave direction, we’ve mostly managed to maintain our rhumb line, never straying more than 15nm, therefore maintaining the most direct course to St Helena.

DAY 5: 145nm, 23/2/15
Seas: 2/3m
Wind: 18/22knots
Halfway into our voyage and routine jobs fall into place. Breakfast, lunch, dinner roll by like clockwork. We’re on UTC time now to align with St Helena and of course Greenwich Mean Time so sunrise is 4.30am; sunset is 5.30pm. Four-hour watches have me up between 2200-0200, while Wayne sees in the sunset and sunrise.
Won’t be long before we cross into the Western Hemisphere. Another sailing first for us!

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