Passage to St Helena, almost there

DAY 6: 155nm, 24/2/15
Seas: 2.5m
Wind: SE 15/25knots
Winged out and maintaining rhumb line. Seas abated enough that we don’t get broached, although a surprise 32knot gust at 1.00am gybed the main and had all hands on deck to get back on course. Sails then trimmed to prevent any further middle-of-the-night interruptions. Catching up on our Australiana, in Simon’s Town (of all places) I found a copy of the Australian classic convict tale of transportation in “For the Term of his Natural Life”, by Marcus Clarke and immersed myself in that for a couple of days. Wayne read ex-rugby player/author Peter FitzSimons’ take on the Eureka Stockade “Eureka – The Unfinished Revolution”. Both books are staged in the early to mid 1800s during Australia’s formative years prior to Federation. Good reads for anyone interested in our youthful nation.

DAY 7: 135nm, 25/2/15
Seas: 2m
Wind: SE 15/25knots
Still winged out as we crossed into the Western Hemisphere. Another sailing first for Blue Heeler! Seas are much the same as they’ve been the past few days…2/3m, winds from the sou’east blowing average of 20knots, peaking up to 25 at times. Sky is cloudy and dull with little sun to fill our depleting batteries. We’ve finished our respective books and have swapped…

DAY 8: 140nm, 26/2/15
Seas: 2m
Wind: SE 15/20knots
Finally a bit of sunshine today. Surprisingly the sky has been overcast for this voyage, and I thought it might have been sunnier. We’ve had to run our Honda generator a few hours to charge up the batteries but at least we haven’t had to run our engine at all on this trip. The trade winds are now steady at around 18knots and with flattened seas we are making good progress. Our ETA is Saturday 28th February and all going well we’ll be there bright and early.

DAY 9: only just begun
ETA: ‘am Saturday 28th February
DTG: 135nm
Perfect sailing now. Still winged out but the seas are much calmer allowing us to glide along. Tomorrow we arrive at St Helena. This is our longest passage to date – 1330nm. Friends already there have sent us SMS messages via satphone about the moorings available and we already have a tour of the island planned for Monday! I wonder what this tiny isle in the middle of the Atlantic holds in store for us…

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