Atlantic Passage – 8th March 2015

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Blue Heeler is now on the fourth day of our longest passage and all is well with crew and vessel. On the first day out from St Helena the remoteness of the island was reinforced by regular ‘Pan Pan’ distress broadcasts from the island, requesting a med-evac for four persons to either Ascension or Cape Town. The only way to get people from St Helena is via passing ship. I wonder what tragedy occurred?

Conditions in the Atlantic are as expected – seas 1-2m; wind sou’east10/20knots. Although unable to stick to our rhumb line as the wind is directly from behind, our VMG (velocity made good) is maintained at slightly less than 6knots. Our cruising chute makes an appearance during the day, but we ‘wing out’ at night to make it easier for one person to handle. The first waypoint from St Helena is halfway to either Tobago or Barbados at 1850nm, about 100nm from the northeast corner of South America/Brasil. We still have 1470nm to reach this milestone, in another 12 days or so! Ascension Island is 330nm to the north-west of our current position, but we are not stopping there as we are happy enough to continue through. Weather is warmer so we’re wearing very little and back to saltwater showers on deck followed by a quick rinse with fresh water. Even with light winds, we haven’t had the need to use the engine yet, although cloudy days have resulted in us running our Honda generator to charge the batteries and make water. We’ve seen a handful of ships, but no yachts, although in the evenings we chat each day with others on HF.

We are devouring e-books – I recently finished the considerable read ‘Exodus’ by Leon Uris (I’m now on to ‘Armageddon’ by the same author), while Wayne is engrossed in Australiana with ‘Kokoda’ and ‘Tobruk’ by Peter FitzSimons. If there’s a time and place to read substantial books its out here on the Atlantic Ocean!

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