Atlantic Crossing – 12th March 2015

Hello Dear Reader

One week already passed since leaving St Helena and we still have 2800nm to reach the Caribbean with Cape Town already 2600nm behind us! Melbourne is now on the other side of the world where the familiar sun rises as ours sets.

We’ve settled into a routine and the steady rhythm of ocean, wind and rock of the boat makes this trip quite relaxing. Days are much the same – winds 15/20knots, followed by moon-filled nights. Still winged out but usually once a day we change the pole from side to side to stay on our course. Only when the wind dips below 15knots are we inclined to drag the spinny on deck to perform for us. So far each day has produced plenty of wind to sail and we clock over 130nm per day on average.

It’s warmer now so hats, gloves, scarfs and fleeces that made a brief appearance over the past few months in South Africa are once again stowed in the musty depths of the lockers. Our skins are tanning slowly, careful not to burn by mostly staying in the shade of the bimini. We can’t go swimming but enjoy a refreshing saltwater dousing each afternoon. Wayne amused himself the other day by tossing buckets of seawater at me while I hung onto the backstay and giggled, armed only with a flannel and a bar of soap! We’ve eaten the small amount of vacuum sealed red meat and smoked chicken, and will start on the meager amount of frozen chicken in our tiny freezer. There’s still plenty of salami for pizzas and pastas, but a big slab of fresh ocean fish would be most welcome right about now! Still have plenty of tomatoes, carrots, onions, spuds, etc, although today I had to salvage a cabbage that decided to liquify itself in the fore cabin…ew! Will have a word to skipper about that fresh fish…

And for the books, I finished the heavy couple of e-books of Leon Uris and now onto something lighter, David Fromkin’s “Europe’s Last Summer” (about why the World went to war in 1914)! Unusual choice of reads I suppose given my location, but there’s little to distract me out here and I love a book I can get my ‘teeth’ into. I’ve got plenty of paperback books that I’ve picked up along the way, but they’re mostly novels. I have a copy of ’50 Shades of Grey’ – sounds more like the current state of our dirty laundry than a good read…but hey… Wayne’s keeping himself out of mischief by reading “Guns, Germs, and Steel – the Fates of Human Societies” by Jared Diamond. As you can tell we have no shortage of text to exercise the grey matter! Thank goodness for e-books!

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