Atlantic Crossing – end of voyage!

Ahoy Dear Reader

Well, we made it to Martinique in the Caribbean!

The last two days of our voyage were sailing perfect! Broad reach, 17-20kn from the east, blue skies, and not too hot. I couldn’t believe how excited I was knowing that we were almost at the end of this long voyage. I guess four weeks on a boat has that effect. As expected the last 1000nm went quite fast. As we altered course north of Venezuela, the islands of Trinidad & Tobago and the Grenadines were to port, and the island of Barbados was on its own to the east. This signified our entry into the Caribbean. After 28 days at sea the first land we see is the island of St Lucia, just south of Martinique.

Enjoying the fairer weather, we decided we’d better get ourselves in order and make sure we look half respectable on arrival. This involved a considerable amount of hair removal followed by a refreshing deck wash. The final evening on the ocean was easy and uneventful. After a huge feed of yummy pizza and indulging in our last Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar, we resumed our watches, then both stayed up from 2am for an early morning entry into the anchorage at Sainte-Anne. Our friend the moon is back after having a couple of weeks off. We last saw him full when we left St Helena and he’s been lighting the way for the past few nights as he returns to full in a couple of days. The Southern Cross is still visible over our port quarter but low in the horizon reminding me how far we’ve travelled. We dropped anchor at 4am then went below for a few hours kip, then up again at 8am to prepare for entry into the Marina du Marin. By 11am we were berthed, then went to the Capitainerie office for the simple clearing in process using the online check-in. Very easy and all done in no time!

It’s been seven weeks and 5500nm since we left Cape Town and although our longest stretch – a month at sea – seems like a long time, the time really does go by quite quickly. I read about a zillion books, worked on my tan and managed to perfect my bread making skills; absolutely flat out I was!

We’ve been fortunate not to have any disasters along the way, but we have had a problem with our autopilot since Richard’s Bay so a new part is required. Our repaired windpilot rudder brilliantly steered us the entire way so we were lucky we didn’t have to rely on the autopilot. It’s great that we arrived before Easter; now we can get off the boat to get our legs working again as we spend a few days playing tourist and enjoy someone else’s cooking; after we’ve cleaned the boat up of course 😉

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

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