Guadeloupe to St Barths

Thirty miles north of the Ile a Cabrit moorings at Les Saintes is the windy anchorage at the small village of Deshaies. Situated on the north west corner of Guadaloupe this was a pleasant stop for a few days out of the easterly swell, but it does get a little windy as the trades funnel through the anchorage. Like Les Saints, the locals are helpful when I torture them with my basic French by speaking to me slowly and annunciating more than usual. In the bay there are many resident turtles that swim by the boat before diving below for a feed on the sea grass below.

Walking along the main street the ubiquitous souvenir shops sell bathers, wooden geckos, shell jewellery, postcards and other locally made products. Plenty of restaurants with WIFI and a cyber cafe too. To the right from the dinghy dock is La Pelican, cafe and souvenir shop, where you can check in/out for a few Euros using the easy online form. While at the other end of town is a Spar supermarket and post office La Poste with a handy ATM outside. Rubbish skips are available near the bridge further on from La Pelican so a short dinghy ride will take you and your boatload of garbage there. From this same spot, if you’re feeling energetic, you can continue alongside the river and enjoy a tropical river walk. I’d suggest good footwear may be more appropriate as you’ll jump from rock to slippery rock and walk through underbrush for at least 1-2 hours. This is a loop walk and the road at the end takes you back into the village in around 20mins. After six weeks after leaving St Helena we caught up again with friends aboard Coruisk and met some new cruisers, one of which was an Aussie from Torquay in Melbourne. His partner made a fantastic yummy pavlova, complete with passion fruit flavored topping, which they invited us over for a huge slab!

Along the island chain of the Lesser Antilles, the wind has been easterly since we arrived in the Caribbean, so with a light southerly blowing we decided to leave our cosy anchorage and head further afield. We chose to bypass Antigua; due in part of the alleged time consuming and costly clearance process (the fact is we’d only be there a couple of days so essentially we couldn’t be bothered!), but also due to the Antigua Race Week, which sees an increase in boating within English Harbour. We will spend more time visiting all the Caribbean islands next season.

After a night sail, we approached St Barthelemy “St Barths” where we’d stay for a couple of days. St Barths caters for the beautiful people with Ralph Lauren, Cartier, and other expensive brand name shops. The supermarket near the Capitainerie sells a wonderful selection of fresh food and groceries, and with the aircon blasting at 20degrees below even the beers on the shelves are cold. We paid a small fee to anchor in the bay, and we get wifi included and access to the showers and toilets. The wifi isn’t strong so while we sit on the dock downloading our emails we watch the rich and famous board their super yachts in 8″ heels and designer frocks. With a baguette under our arm we jump into our dinghy and head back to our own super yacht for an afternoon of swimming off the back. We will head to Sint Maarten in a couple of days.

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    Well done guys, hav fun further on and stay safe, nice greetings from Solar Planet Swen & Katrin


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