Heading north

Today we checked out of St Maarten and tomorrow we sail to Bermuda. Our voyage of 875nm should take around seven days and the grib shows light winds and moderate seas. The best time to sail is between end April to June so the timing is okay (ref. Jimmy Cornell’s ‘World Cruising Routes’).

imageAlthough our two-week stay here has given us necessary time to repair, replace and install new bits and pieces, I’m looking forward to sailing away from the murky water, chandleries and overpriced supermarkets. We didn’t spend our time playing tourist except for a day out at touristy Philipsburg for lunch, but we ended up at an electronics shop buying more bits for gadgets!

Wayne spent a good portion of his time with electrical jobs; new USB ports in the cockpit and nav station; installed a fan under the bunk for our hot-bed while on passage; moved one of our autopilot multi displays from below to the cockpit; installed a new replacement gas solenoid, installed a new lower anchor light which will be used when our mast is down in the USA; installed a new circuit protection for the solar/wind power generation; replaced the old shorepower inlet with a new one; installed a new bulb in our instrument panel – lots of little jobs but nonetheless important to keep Blue Heeler up to date. While he was in his happy place, I busied myself with the usual cleaning, polishing, provisioning, but also fixed a few items around the boat including re-glueing parts of our wet weather gear where the original seam sealant had parted; took Wayne’s Dubarry boots to local bootmaker for repair (Sole fell off somewhere around South Africa – not happy Dubarry!); polished the brightwork; and for fun I spent a little time making my usual movie of our South Atlantic voyage.

Tonight we’ll go and get our final grib from Lagoonies Bar then tomorrow we sail north with La Luna with the goal of reaching New York by and of May.

Until then…here’s something a little spooky…
I called my mum to give her my love for Mother’s Day and catch up on the news. The miles between us is the farthest from each other as we could possibly be – me in the Caribbean and her in Australia. Both of us enjoy a good read. If you follow my blog you’ll know that I also read a lot of e-books. The last book I read however was a paperback that had somehow made it’s way to our shelves from a dusty marina book deposit somewhere between Thailand and South Africa. I picked out one as I felt like reading a book that was simple and wouldn’t keep me riveted at bedtime, but rather put me to sleep. One of those paperbacks that you don’t know whether to keep, swap or toss. After spending a few months on our shelves, I selected ‘Crackdown’ by Bernard Cornwell. After chatting with my mum she casually remarked that she’d just finished a book, ‘Crackdown’ by Bernard Cornwell! I couldn’t believe what I’d heard! Given that I float around the ocean and my mum lives in southeast Australia – both of us miles from any library – of all the millions of books in the world, we had both read the SAME book at exactly the SAME time! Now isn’t that extraordinary simultaneity!

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