Passage to Bermuda – Arrival

Arrival at Bermuda: Thursday 21 May 2015
Trip: 7 nights, 900+nm

Bermuda Customs Dock

Bermuda Customs Dock

Now over 30 degrees north the climate is noticeably cooler, but not cold. The days are sunny and clear much like a spring day ought to be, and the night air is fresh. I’ve worn my beanie and Dubarry boots on night watch to stay cosy, with the cool Atlantic breeze keeping me awake. The moon didn’t make an appearance this voyage and the stars didn’t seem as bright as they are in the Southern Hemisphere so it was very dark out on the ocean. There’s a good chance Mr Moon will be along for the next leg of our voyage to New York.

Yesterday, day seven of our voyage, as Blue Heeler glided through the deep blue water, not a soul was seen under a sky dotted with fluffy cumulus. We’ve been quite alone out here with only one or two ships and a couple of yachts over the seven days/nights. For some reason I thought it would have been busier in this region. When Ainslie (our newest SeaIQ crew member) announces “New AIS target” we excitedly look around to see who’s out there. One yacht’s skipper was very chatty as he passed us as he headed south. After speaking to Wayne for ten minutes he even offered to buy Wayne a beer if they ever meet up again!

The final night we fought a one knot current, although we’d had a negative current of around 0.5kn on and off most of the way. Also on our final night was a decent downpour of rain to wash off the thick salt that had accumulated on the rigging.

Motor sailing the last couple of days due to light winds we eventually arrived at low lying Bermuda at 2pm on Thursday 21st of May. The entrance into St George’s Bay through the Town Cut is most scenic with aqua water and pretty coloured houses above the cut which opens into St George’s Harbour. Checking in with Customs was straightforward after docking at their short dilapidated wooden wharf. Before we anchored we filled up with diesel at the fuel dock so we are ready for the next passage.

La Luna will arrive on Friday and once they arrive we will get together to talk about the next stage of our trip. Meanwhile the forecast looks good and we may stay in Bermuda only a few days before heading to New York.

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