Nth Atlantic – Azores to Ireland, 5 July 2017

Already halfway into our trip; it’s so much shorter than the last voyage! Out here, sounds of jars tinkling, wood creaking, blocks straining, wind generator whirring, and blue ocean slapping against the hull are familiar. Although the ocean is colder than before, and will get much colder. Unfamiliar sounds, such as a squeak, may indicate a problem somewhere but can be easily rectified with a squirt of lanolin oil. Now and again a bird flies by, or a whale’s spout blows in the distance, but otherwise we are alone.

All alone out here…

Last night though another yacht sailed by and called us on the VHF to say hello. The crew of S.V. Pipistrelle know a couple we know from our time in Indonesia and Malaysia (Ann & Chris if you’re reading!) – it’s such a small world!

Tuesday’s weather was an uncomfortable close reach as NNW winds gusted up to 30kn at times, but generally stayed between 22/25kn. We had little option but to head further east than we would’ve liked to maintain a good course. Twenty four hours later the wind backed and eased, the sails unfurled, the course altered and we continued on our merry way towards Ireland.

Our position is: 45 24N 19 15W
Distance to go: 535nm

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