Nth Atlantic – Azores to Ireland, Arrival 10 July 2017

The Baltimore Beacon “Lot’s Wife” at the entrance to Baltimore, Ireland

The last leg of any voyage is typically a race to reach harbour before dark, or to slow down to arrive in daylight hours. The latter was the case for us.

Sunday was almost perfect sailing conditions. The morning sky was blue for a change, as most of the days have been grey, heavy and drizzly. But by lunchtime the sky turned grey, heavy and drizzly. To slow us up we put two reefs in the sails and plodded along with 18/25kn westerly winds making the ocean quite lively.

Fastnet Rock and Lighthouse – the most southerly point of Ireland – photo credit http://www.schull.ie/wild-atlantic-way/

By 3am we passed Fastnet Rock to port and had another 10nm to reach Baltimore Bay. Still a little dark to enter, we hove-to, had a coffee and waited for the morning light. By 5.30am we entered the bay. To starboard overlooking the entrance is the tall white conspicuous tower, Lot’s Wife. I’ll have to learn more about the history of this landmark.

The anchorage at Baltimore is shallow, but we were fortunate to arrive at the top of a high spring tide which gave us plenty of depth to poke around looking for a suitable place to anchor.

End of voyage fair!

Now it’s 6am, the anchor is set, the heater is on, and I’m about to whip up the traditional end-of-voyage breakfast of bacon, eggs and hot coffee. Today we expect to see Brian, Dave and Emma from Coruisk arrive later today and I further expect we’ll all go out to celebrate and have a Guinness or two!

Our sail from Australia to Ireland took a while, but we eventually made it. And I’m glad our North Atlantic passages went well with some of the best sailing we’ve had for some time. We’ve so much to explore in Ireland and I cant wait to get ashore!

Our position is: 51*29N 009*22W at 0500UTC
Distance to go: 0nm

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