Tack så mycket Vindö !

Six weeks since an unwelcome puncture in Blue Heeler’s hull and the repair work is finished. Blue Heeler no longer has an open wound and the repaired interior woodwork is back in position, thanks to the professional team at Vindö Marin.

While it was never our intention to be in this predicament, our time at Orust has not been unpleasant; the help and support of everyone here helped take the sting out of a bad situation. We also managed to keep busy by doing some additional boat-work ourselves.

October is a busy time of year for boatyards and Vindö was no exception. In addition to repairing Blue Heeler, they also had to haul out many, many boats for winter storage.

To everyone, and in particular the workers who put in the hours repairing our floating home, we can’t thank you enough! 🙂

While dozens of boats were hauled out to spend the next six months safe inside for winter, this week our little Aussie Blue Heeler was launched back into the cold Skagerrak waters. Yesterday we left our cosy cabin at the nearby Vindö Camping & Marina to return to life aboard. Thanks to Michael and family for accommodating us in our time of need.

And finally, the prompt and efficient service from our insurers and surveyors made this experience as painless as possible. Thank you!

Since our arrival in September, the leaves have changed from green and glossy to gold and brown, before shivering from their branches. Tomorrow, as the clocks wind back in Sweden, we will continue our journey south making good use of a north-easterly breeze and lessening daylight hours.

Until next time…


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  1. Cecilia says:

    The boat looks great! And you guys look pretty good too! Wishing you smooth sailing as you continue your journey. Cec and Charlie 🤗😘

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