A weekday at Berne

Our tiny room in Berne

The train from Zermatt to Berne takes around two hours, switching trains at Visp. Arriving late we grabbed a feed of  Burger King and walked 2km north to our AirBNB in the darkness passing graffiti painted buildings and overflowing rubbish bins. We eventually found the accommodation and followed the instructions to enter. More than often accommodation is self-accessed and hosts are no-where to be seen except for online.

Our accommodation for the next two nights was beside the Aare River. Ours was the smallest room of four and when I say small I mean SMALL!  At 1.5m wide, by 2m long and 2.5m high – just enough for a set of bunks and a couple of middle aged backpackers! However, the place was clean and warm so at a third of the price of downtown hostels for the same type of room, we saved considerably.

Berne’s transport system allows tourists to travel free when they stay at tourist accommodation. I asked my host for the free Berne Tickets, and he obliged. Cool!

Views of the Swiss Alps to the south

Only one day spent in Berne but we managed to go up the Gurten Funicular for views of the Swiss Alps then down again to spend time in the Old Town to see the Zytglogge then across the Rhine to visit the Bear Pit. A bite to eat at Subway for lunch, then a pizza for dinner as a special treat.

The ‘hood’ where we stayed

Like many of the cities visited, so much graffiti surprises me. With so much renovation and rejuvenation, the graffiti and tagging looks shabby.

Switzerland is expensive (no real surprise), so unless you have a reason to stay longer, we were happy to have spent only a day in Berne.

Our journey continues along the Rhine River all the way to the confluence of the Moselle River at Koblenz, Germany.

The city of Berne, Switzerland