About Blue Heeler

Blue Heeler is a Hallberg Rassy HR39 sailing yacht. Click here to read all about the quality of this Swedish designed yacht or click here to see photos of our boat.

The Legend of Blue Heeler

Classic 'Stink Eye' from SPUD, the BLUE HEELER

“Spud” The Blue Heeler

The Australian Cattle Dog is commonly known in Australia as a Blue Heeler. The name Blue Heeler is a tribute to our dog – Spud.

As misfortune would have it, during Wayne’s trip to bring our new yacht from New Caledonia to Australia in 2008, Spud’s health went downhill very fast – sadly at the ripe old age of 16 Spud was put to sleep.

Spud the wonder dog!The name Blue Heeler was agreed as the new name of our first yacht some time before Spud died – the timing of his death made it even more poignant. In November 2008, we officially changed the name of the boat to Blue Heeler.

Like our friend, we hope to have a boat that is sturdy, loyal, low maintenance, protective, and will give us at least 16 years of enjoyment!

Cheers to the Blue Heeler!