Blue’s Crew

Ahoy!  Welcome to the Blue Heeler blog.

Wayne “Skipper”

After five years of planning, including learning how to sail and buying a yacht, in January 2011 we sailed away from our home port of Melbourne Australia to travel the world aboard “Blue Heeler”, our Hallberg Rassy HR 39.

Wayne is Skipper, while I’m his first (and best) mate. Over the past 40 years together, we’ve spent ten years aboard our boat and have clocked up over 45,000 nautical miles sailing across two of the five oceans.

Ally “First Mate”

Our blog offers you a glimpse into life on the water and how we manage the highs and lows of sailing around the world living in close-quarters 24/7.

Every day we learn something new – about the boat, different cultures, but more importantly about ourselves.

If your dream is to ‘sell the house to go sailing’, we hope this blog offers some insights into living aboard and travelling the world.

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