Blue’s Crew

Sweden, 2018

Ahoy!  Welcome to the Blue Heeler blog.

After five years of planning, including learning how to sail and buying a yacht, in January 2011 we sailed away from our home port of Melbourne Australia to travel the world aboard “Blue Heeler”, our Hallberg Rassy HR 39.

Along the way we’ve visited unusual places and had the pleasure of meeting like-minded people on similar journeys of fulfilling their lives with travel and adventure. It’s the journey of a lifetime.

Great Loop, USA, 2015

Aboard Blue Heeler, the two of us have sailed over 40,000 nautical miles across two of the five oceans – Australia to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Chagos, Rodrigues, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, South Africa; Namibia, St Helena, the Caribbean Islands; the North Atlantic to Bermuda, into the USA to follow the inland waterways and the Great Lakes of Canada/US; across the North Atlantic to the Azores onto Ireland and the UK; to Continental Europe; through the canals of the Netherlands; Germany’s Kiel Canal and into the Baltic Sea to Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, the Göta Canal, Denmark and Norway.

St Helena, 2015

Our blog offers you a glimpse into life on the water and how we manage the highs and lows of sailing around the world living in close-quarters 24/7 and fixing the boat in exotic places!

It’s not always pretty and sometimes it’s downright ugly, but every day we learn something new – about the boat, different cultures, but more importantly about ourselves.

If your dream is to ‘sell the house to go sailing’, we hope this blog offers some insights into living aboard and travelling the world. Don’t forget to subscribe if you wish to receive regular posts.

Welcome and enjoy!