Hungry in Budapest

Prague to Budapest is a direct 6.5 hour train trip. We’d reserved first class seats and paid a reservation fee of €6 to ensure a good seat. Day three of our Interrail pass.

Throughout Germany into the Czech Republic, the land is flat and continues through this region. Along the way we passed over the Danube passing through Bratislava; we would visit Bratislava on our way to Vienna.

Once again, AirBNB proved to offer the best value for accommodation. I wonder how hotels and hostels and fairing nowadays? Our host’s home was a short walk from the main train station and we had the place to ourselves.

The city of Budapest was actually two cities – Buda and Pest – and unified in 1873 to Budapest. The tenth largest city in the European Union, Budapest is a beautiful city and shouldn’t be missed.

At the Street Food Karavan eatery I had a Lángos burger – the traditional Lángos is deep fried bread smothered in sour cream and cheese, but mine had the addition of pork and salad.

View of ‘Pest’ from the ‘Buda’ side

Hungary’s Parliament Building along the bank of the Danube

Fisherman’s Bastion

Of course you can’t visit Hungary without having some Goulash! You’ll need your strength as you walk up the Buda side of the city for magnificent views of the famous Hungarian Parliament Building on the banks of the Danube River. The Fisherman’s Bastion not only provides the best views of the city, it is a stunning example of neo-gothic architecture. A little to the south is the fortress known as Citadella. The best views of Budapest can be found here.

A more sombre time is had visiting the memorial ‘Shoes on the Danube Bank’. The 60 pairs of shoes portray that no-one, even small children was spared. The ‘Tree of Life’ garden memorial stands over mass graves of those murdered in 1944/45. The poor souls who were not herded into ghettos or shot and dumped into the fast flowing Danube, were eventually liberated in January 1945.

Budapest is famous for the thermal baths. Although I’d thrown in my bathers in anticipation of soaking in the warm water, I decided against it after considering that I’d be soaking with hundreds of others in a soup of tourists! I think i’ll stick to my memories of swimming in the Caribbean!

Nowadays, Budapest is an interesting place to visit and as one of the most recent members of the EU, Hungary is worth including on any trip to Europe.

Onwards we go to Bratislava.