Our videos

The videos below are produced for enjoyment and fun. They give you a glimpse into our lives aboard Blue Heeler. They’re not professional (let’s face it, we’d rather be sailing than making movies) and since we don’t promote these videos, and they are not monetised, I do ask one favour.

If you enjoyed any of our videos, why not help support a cause close to our hearts. 

Please consider supporting fund-raising efforts to help children and adults inflicted by the rare disease Niemann Pick Type C. Our two nephews suffer from this terminal disease and funds are needed for ongoing research into a cure.

Learn more about this tragic disease and please donate to the
Australian NPC Disease Foundation at https://www.npcd.org.au.

Thank you!


A taste of Bonaire – diving in 2021/22

2009 – Our first voyage

Takes us around Bass Strait – our first voyage as a couple aboard our new boat!


2014 – Indian Ocean Crossing

Nine videos produced covering our crossing from Thailand through to South Africa over ten months. We spend time at Chagos, Rodrigues, Mauritius and Reunion, not to mention Sri Lanka and Madagascar. What an adventure!


2015 – US / Canada Inland Waterways and Great Lakes

This trip from June to December 2015 takes us through the ‘backyard’ of the US, from New York through the inland waterways of the US to Alabama. We see the sights that regular visitors don’t get to see. Playlist five videos.


2018 – Northern Europe and Baltic

A long way from Australia as we sail Northern Europe and enter the Baltic Sea to visit Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Norway.


2019 – Europe, Scandinavia, Scotland

This year we take a train trip around Germany’s bordering countries – Austria, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic – then we sail up to Scandinavia then across to Scotland and the UK. A big year squeezed into four videos!


2020 – Blue Heeler in the UK during Pandemic

This year affected everyone. This video looks at how the pandemic impacted our cruising plans.