Sunday in Bratislava

The train from Budapest to Bratislava is just over two hours following the same line we came in on from Prague. The terrain continues to be flat and small towns appear along the Danube visible by church spires.

The Bratislava train station is located at the north side of town up the hill and 1.5kms from the Centre which rests on both sides of the Danube. We arrived on a Saturday and had only two nights in Bratislava, so we spent that afternoon and the Sunday strolling around.


Enjoying a morning coffee from our Bratislava balcony

Our accommodation is a small hostel along Obchodná street – six rooms with bunk beds in each – and booked through AirBNB. The hostel was really well laid out with a funky kitchen and great amenities.

Our room even had a balcony to enjoy a morning coffee. Bratislava is a ‘University town’ so there are plenty of cheap eat places along Obchodná, including the popular ‘Slovak Pub’ and the ‘KGB pub’ where the beers are also cheap.

Traditional Slovak food is heavy with potatoes, cabbage, pork, sheep cheese and dumplings. I had a helping of the traditional Slovak dish Bryndzové halušky – small potato dumplings with sheep cheese and roasted bacon bits on top, all washed down with the local brew.

Sunday’s weather was drizzly but that didn’t stop us exploring. No need for any day passes as Bratislava is small enough to do in a day.

Bratislava Castle is a 1km walk up the hill for great views of the town. The castle has had its fair share of disasters over the years due to various interruptions in their political state. Restoration work commenced after 1953 and the work is generally complete.

Down in the main square not many people were out at this time of year, except for a lone ‘pedal pub’ filled with a bunch of UK guys laughing and carrying on while a young woman serves up beer – obviously they like the beer in Slovakia!

Over the Most Slovenského národného povstania bridge (or the UFO Bridge) is a large stylish shopping complex. I caught a bus and spent the remainder of the drizzly afternoon checking out the shops to keep out of the rain.

Slovakia has much more to offer and with only two nights we had just a small sample. It’s definitely worth a look.

On Monday morning we bought a train ticket towards Vienna.