Waltzing around Vienna

The train trip from Bratislava to Vienna is just over an hour so we decided to pay this directly, keeping one daily train trip on our Interrail pass for a longer journey.

Trains run frequently and the fare was €9. Checkout time from our Bratislava hostel was 10am and our check in time to our Vienna accommodation wasn’t ready until 1.30pm, so we grabbed a doner kebab at the Wien HBF and did some tourist research while we ate.

A full apartment in Vienna

The accommodation in Vienna cost a little more that previous places – €45 per night – but the quality and proximity to the city centre was perfect.

Our own apartment for three days and no shared bathrooms! Trying to find a hotel for that price is impossible in Vienna, and you may struggle to even find a hostel at that price.

Vienna’s city centre is easy to walk around and the impressive Hofburg is in the heart of the city. With only two days to explore, a 72 hour public transport ticket for €17 each makes getting farther afield a little easier.

Using the tram network we reached the magnificent Schönbrunn Palace, the main summer residence of the former Habsburg clan.

Schonbrun Palace, Vienna

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a popular attraction right in the city centre and its gothic spire is visible from some distance. The Belvedere Palace is another display of wealth from a period of prosperity in Vienna.

Belvedere Palace

Disappointed with the Danube

Away from the central attractions, the city is like any other with graffiti, rubbish and the usual inner-city problems. I was a little disappointed to see the banks of the Danube covered in so called ‘street art’ and had no desire to do a river cruise.

Two days in Vienna was enough to see the sights, although if a opera, concert or art museum is on the cards perhaps a day or two more may be a good idea. It all depends on what you want to experience.

Bags packed and the train now departing for Munich!